Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Just over 4 weeks to go until the due date on this pregnancy, and the fatigue has returned as well. I'm dragging in the evenings, and struggling to find the energy to get up early in the morning. I feel like that grumbly teenager who just wants to roll over, hit the alarm, and snooze until noon. When I do get my butt downstairs, I barely mumble anything to Dave before he's gone, and then I seriously consider going back to bed. Being a night shower-er, there's really very little to keep me from switching back to my pjs and climbing back under the covers. There's just that pesky job I have to go to, but there are days when I consider "working from home" instead of getting to the office at 7:30.

I'm definitely looking forward to a long (birthday!) weekend, with a holiday on Monday to boot. Sleeping doesn't fix the sleepy problem, but it does make me a little more cheerful.

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