Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the original plan

When I first told my work about my pregnancy back in October, I thought I had it all figured out. My due date was March 17th, and I'm legally allowed 12 weeks unpaid leave. This worked perfectly, since 12 weeks would mean I would be out through the first week of June, coinciding with Dave's summer vacation which begins June 9th. It didn't occur to me then that I would have to be at work until 3 days before my due date. I didn't realize how much I would want to sleep in, and how tired I would be in the afternoons. I didn't realize it would make me angry to wake up in the morning feeling rested, go to work for 8 hours and come home exhausted, feeling like the best part of my day was spent in my office instead of with my husband. I'm still holding out, planning to be working for 2 and a half more weeks. I want as much of my leave as possible to be with the baby. But man, what I wouldn't give for a sick day or a holiday right about now. Maybe I could take a mental health day for daylight savings time?

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