Monday, March 3, 2008

secret knitting

Remember this?

It was this!
Flip top mittens for my friend Steve out in Milwaukee. He received them this weekend and I'm happy to say they fit him perfectly.
I believe this pattern originated with Catherine, I remember a downloadable PDF from her .mac site way back when. Since then I've modified it and added some features, and I like to think of it as my own. Steve saw Dave's flip tops when he was here in December, and mentioned he had nothing to keep his fingers warm that matched his new red jacket. What was I to do?

Though I think I've knit a version of this pattern 6 or 7 times, this was by far my favorite. The wool was fantastic to work with and the fingers are even and well planned (that's not usually the case). Dave always tells me that I should make up 5 pairs of them and see if I can sell them locally or online, but I have never got around to it. Maybe this summer I'll plan ahead and get it done for the fall. Men at his work ask about them regularly, most often wondering where he got his "shootin' gloves". I've found the flip top functionality not just good for shootin', but great for getting keys in a door, turning pages of a book while waiting for a bus, and of course - knitting in the winter.

I'm very glad they suit Steve, and I hope to be sure of the fit when he visits at the end of March. For people who don't wear a lot of hand knitted items, it seems like they are sometimes hesitant to complain when things don't fit quite right. It's best to be able to see the person wearing it. It wouldn't be too much trouble to pull the fingers back and make them wider or longer, depending on what he'd like. The one major flaw of this design is that because there is knitted fabric between your fingers, they get kind of squished when you close the top. Mostly Dave and I wear ours with the tops down, so it's not an issue. The top is just there for those really, really cold days, when you can't bear to have any exposed skin. Yay for surprise knitting!

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smart said...

I finally refound the url for your blog. The mittens are frickin' awesome! I wore them today biking. Thank you again, Laura.