Friday, March 7, 2008

38 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours, and dear lord....

My belly measured at 36 cm this week, so even though I thought the baby might be through with all of the growing, I was wrong. The baby has been hiccuping regularly, for about 10 minutes at nearly the same time every day. I think this is a funny and strange thing for a baby to do, but both the internet and the midwives guarantee that it's just fine. The baby is practicing breathing, and sometimes that means hiccups.

Our lovely midwives think that the baby has turned in the last week, moving from ROA to LOA (definitions here). I'm delighted by this, and hope that the baby sticks around on that left side. We weren't sure that the baby would be able to turn over that way, but I've been doing yoga and inversions regularly, and I will continue to do so. I hope to loosen up some ligaments and keep the baby in ideal position. Either right or left is fine for the beginning of labor, but from the reading I've done, it seems like LOA is definitely the preferred position for a quick and easier labor.

Dave and I are planning a fun weekend ahead of us, with a trip down to the antique malls and dollar theater in Hopkins, a birthday party for a friend, breakfast out at Al's and much much more. Though I've been exhausted at the end of the work day recently, I still have pretty decent energy if I get going right away in the morning. I'm much better off not going to work (as you would imagine) and I'm hoping to do a few afternoons or maybe full days from home next week. I feel a lot more productive working from home, plus the added bonus of feeling really comfortable.

I've finally heeded the warnings and said goodbye to my beloved Nalgene bottle. I've switched to Sigg, and I love it so far. Mine looks like this, both stylish and safe - can't beat that! Though I've heard rumors for many years that Nalgene bottles leach plastic into the water, I've always thought that I was better off with Nalgene than I was with disposable plastic, so things were fine. It was the most recent headlines finding that BPA has been found in human breast milk that made me suddenly change my mind. I guess I don't mind putting myself in danger, but when something threatens my unborn child and I can take action, I will.

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Catherine said...

Jackson hiccuped a lot in utero too...and has continued throughout the past two years. A very hiccupy boy, indeed. :) We also switched to Sigg in December. "Santa" brought six bottles to us (baby ones for Jackson!) in our stockings this year. It seems that both Dan and I had the same idea... :)