Friday, March 14, 2008

my new favorite thing

While I don't consider myself much of a blog reader, there are a handful that I get to daily. I use google reader, so I don't go clicking around the internet, trying to stumble on something interesting. Recently, though, I've clicked accidentally onto a few food and recipe sites and been delighted. I normally stick to epicurious when I'm looking for a recipe, but I think I will break my habit starting now.

I've been reading 101cookbooks, and it is fabulous. I can't say whether my favorite thing is the photos or the introductions to the recipes or how simple the recipes are themselves. It has tons of vegetarian options, and while I haven't been doing much of the cooking recently, I hope get get around to some of these soon. The split pea soup, the simple butternut squash tart, and the instructions on how to make gnocci like an italian grandmother are all at the top of my list.

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