Wednesday, March 19, 2008


August Paul made his entrance yesterday at 5:23 pm. His weight was 8 pounds and 4 ounces, and he is 21 and 1/4 inches long. The labor was long, but he was born at home as planned.

Unfortunately the wheels of life and death sometimes spin a little too closely. On Sunday, Dave and I learned about the death of his brother, Paul. It was a shock, to say the least, and contributed in part to the 50 some hours of labor.

We're all healthy and happy at home, trying to deal with the loss and the joy at the same time. More photos soon, please feel free to email, or call and leave a message.


Laura, Dave and Gus


Catherine said...

GUS!!! What a beautiful big boy!!! I'm so happy for you both. How amazingly difficult to deal with the death of Uncle Paul at the same time though. It's very touching that you chose Paul as a second name for Gus. Wishing you all much love together, both for healing after the death and learning to grow together after the birth. You are all amazing. We can't wait to meet Gus!

Dan said...

The photos of Gus you posted so far are absolutely adorable. I'm sorry to hear the news about Uncle Paul. Never good news to receive, but probably even more confusing given the happiness Gus is bringing to your home.

Give those little fingers a squeeze for us!