Thursday, March 13, 2008

pupper of the week

One question a lot of people ask is "how will Irene do when the baby arrives?" It's a silly question, because we clearly have no idea. I will say this - Irene loves children. Loves. She can't get enough of babies or toddlers or older children. She likes to chase them, lick them, and spin in circles for their entertainment. She doesn't mind being chased or poked, and generally finds a lot to like about kids.

I know that our schedule will change, but my hope is that within a month of the birth, both Irene and I will be taking regular walks to the library, to the park, just outdoors in general. Once the snow finally bids us goodbye, we'll be spending a lot of time outdoors, and that makes Irene generally happy. Dave will be in the garden daily, and that means Irene gets to just hang out in sunbeams, sniff whatever she wants, and be mostly a free puppy. The baby will change her sleeping schedule, yes, and it will change the amount of attention we pay to her, but it won't change the core of what makes her happy - smells, sun, and visitors.

There will be plenty of visitors, and while they will be there to see the kid, Irene won't really know that they're not there to see her. Besides, only one person can hold the baby at a time, so that means Irene can lean up against the legs of whoever is not occupied, looking longingly at their lap.

I think it'll be a tough transition, but it will accompanied by my being home all the time, followed by garden season. Nothing can beat that, as far as the dog is concerned. So yes - she'll have a hard time, her life will change. But I'm not worried about it at all.

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