Tuesday, January 8, 2008

that woman, she is genius

New red hat, finished in under 2 hours*. The pattern is the Yarn Harlot's, and it's called "an unoriginal hat". As she states in the pattern, it's like popcorn, and you can't knit just one. This is the third one I've done, and while I have many other projects in the works, I snuck this one in. Two hat misfortunes have come to Dave and I in the last week. One of our favorites (a variation on this one) went into the washer and dryer and came out baby sized. It felted and shrunk, but we're keeping it around just in case it does fit the baby's head. The other one was an original creation, a long Snoopy style cap, with bold green stripes and big ribbing. I'm terribly sad to say that one is currently missing, but I'm holding out hope that it will turn up. This fall I went on a hat jag, and knit up 6 new hats. We have a basket by the door full of knitted winter wear, so we can choose something new each time we walk out the door. Unfortunately, the first unoriginal hat is a favorite of both Dave and I, and with the other 2 favorites currently out of circulation, I thought it best to whip up another of these so we can both have warm heads. Plus it's red, so Dave'll probably leave this one to me.

*for those interested, the yarn was some thrift store acrylic, unmarked. I used a size 13 needle and held the yarn double. it's soft and warm and I like it, acrylic or not.

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