Friday, January 18, 2008

loving Minnesota

The foot in the rib cage thing is resolved, for now, but baby is sitting in such a way that I think we're going to have the same problem today. I know it's good that baby is head down with its back along my left side (we all know that's a good place to start labor, right?) but it's rather uncomfortable. When we saw Clare last night for a checkup, she informed me that this time in the pregnancy is when women feel the most full and large with child. Soon the ligaments at the bottom of the uterus will begin to soften and loosen, letting the baby down a little bit. So yes, while it's good that the kid is in a good position, the baby is also jammed up into my diaphragm and I could really do without that. I'll go to yoga this weekend and swim some laps. Hopefully that will help me stretch that space out a little bit. Dave and I are also doing a yoga for labor workshop this weekend, so I'm excited about that.

In other news, it's friggin cold.

Partly Cloudy
1°F Feels Like -18°F

I needed the car every other day this week, so Dave definitely got to drive today. I just wished I hadn't picked the coldest day of the week to be standing waiting for the bus. Since my jacket doesn't close over my belly, I wear layers to make up for it. Then I get really hot under my collar and cold everywhere else. Also, I chose the route that takes me through the University of Minnesota. I normally wouldn't go that way but it was really cold and I missed the bus going the other direction. University students are not the most considerate, and while I didn't honestly expect someone to offer up their seat for me, I was kind of hoping. It didn't happen. Alas, this isn't the worst of it. It's supposed to get up to 5 degrees today, tomorrow the high will be zero. Yay for winter!

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