Tuesday, January 29, 2008

is it wrong to love my midwife?

It's happened - I'm coming down with a cold. Despite all my best defenses, somehow I managed to get sick. I've been avoiding hand shaking, children, and religiously washing my hands. And yet, here it is, sitting in my chest, making me cough and my throat sore.

I made myself a cup of echinacea tea, and then realized that I should check on its safety before I begin guzzling herbs. I called Clare, our homebirth midwife, and she stopped what she was doing to look it up for me. She reassured me that echinacea is just fine, as well as let me know that I don't feel up to coming down to visit her on Thursday for our regular appointment she wouldn't mind just stopping by to do a blood pressure check and listen to the baby at our house. You can't beat a provider who insists that you stay home if you're not feeling well and offers to come over and check on you. It just makes me feel special.

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