Monday, January 14, 2008

31 weeks

I didn't get anything good from today, I feel like they're slacking a little bit. This week the baby weighs as much as 4 navel oranges, and while I normally find the weekly comparison to food funny this one just seems weird. The baby weighs about 3 pounds now, and is adding weight quickly.

It was a lazy weekend for me, and I'm embarrassed to say that for the first time, I used pregnancy as an excuse not to go out. Friday night Dave and I had plans to see some friends for dinner, and I stayed home in my pjs with my knitting. I couldn't pull myself up out of a sad-funk enough to get going, and I was happy to have the house to myself. I got some serious work done on the triangle shawl, and I went to bed early.

It may only be Monday afternoon, but I feel like I need another weekend. 9 weeks and counting to the due date - I think time has begun to slow down.

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