Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the ivy

Much of the household has suffered since Dave has been sick. He takes care of so many things - the pets, the cleaning, the garden. I'm mostly useless when I get home from work, but I have kept all 3 pets alive and done a decent job in the garden (I hope). The cleaning has gone out the window, even though I have managed to vacuum a few times. I forgot to sweep the kitchen floor, and this morning saw some ants marching in. Note to self - Dave also sweeps the kitchen daily!

Anyway, last night when I was watering things, I made sure to pay special attention to the Boston Ivy. This plant was our star purchase at the Friend's School Plant Sale, and it has already had a rough year. Due to many unavoidable obligations, it had to stay in its little plastic pot much longer than the rest of the plants from the sale. It was the last thing in the ground, and I think it was at least 2 weeks after we purchased it that Dave was finally able to take the time to make a nice space for it.

With his being sick, I was worried that this prized little plant would wither and die, so I've been careful to water it and check on it daily. Last night, I saw something cool.
It has begun to climb the siding. Tenuous, yes, but it gives me hope just the same.

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