Sunday, June 29, 2008

garden update

I have done a lousy job keeping the blog updated with garden photos. Yesterday in the rain, I snapped a few shots. Who can resist lilies with raindrops?The first tomatoes are coming in nicely. These are a variety called Siberian.
Beets have been a ravishing success. Can't wait to pickle these beauties:
Nothing more delicious than peas right off the vine. I had my first taste this weekend, and these were as sweet as ever.
Nasturtiums are a new experiment this year. They are very other worldly - we were happy to see the first blooms.
Oh the greens. We missed out on spinach, arugala, and tat soi - they just bolted too quickly. We're still enjoying the romaine and the red romaine, as well as simpson's black seeded lettuce and bok choy. Here's one of the sections of red, with onions growing like crazy behind.
The garlic is doing that thing that garlic does. Scapes? Scopes? We have 3 varieties, and they've all shot out their beautiful little flower thingeys. We'll try these in an omelette tomorrow.
The bay plant is doing well. We hope to keep this one indoors and see if it'll live for a few years.
There are canna lilies all over the garden, and they are by far the showiest flower we have. They are tall, stately, and bright beautiful red. I think these ones by the composter will bloom first.
And now, the thing you've all been waiting for: Baby Gus in striped pajamas. I think this is pretty darn cute.

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Catherine said...

I love garlic scapes! We just bought some at the St. Paul Farmer's Market this weekend. So yummy sauteed with kohlrabi and beet greens. Your garden is beautiful!