Thursday, June 12, 2008

this little problem

I have a small knitting problem. It involves brooklyn tweed. You see, every time he posts a new project, I fall completely in love with it and decide to knit it. Just recently, he posted the knitted garter stitch blanket. Even though I have at least 3 projects to finish before I will allow myself to start something new, I'm already picturing how this will keep us warm all winter long.

It was his pi shawl blanket that got me started on my own pi shawl, and I had originally planned to finish this shawl and start on a blanket just like his. The knitting was tricky though, and after 3 weeks I'm still 18 rows from the end. With each row 500+ stitches in lace weight, it takes me a good half hour to finish just one. I wanted to finish it by the weekend, though, so I could fix up the sweater that I made for Dave. He was supposed to get it for his birthday, and I actually finished sewing it all up the day prior. He tried it on, and it was a good 10 inches too long. I've got to rip back the fronts and back and reshape the armholes, something I promised would be complete by Fathers day. After that I want to do EZ's BSJ for my little guy, inspired again by brooklyn tweed - here.

Every garment he knits is so freaking gorgeous, that the problem isn't just in that I want to knit everything he posts. The problem is that he is a much more advanced knitter than I am, so while I get all excited and think each new project is the perfect project for me, I need to step back and realize - this guy has a talent I will never have.

Alas, I can click through his completed projects and dream, right? Now back to that gigantic shawl!

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