Wednesday, December 19, 2007

knitting out of necessity

I really like to knit from patterns. It's rare for me to use the same yarn or needle size in the pattern, but for the most part, I like to find a pattern and knit it up. Unfortunately, the majority of the knitting I do is of another sort. Knitting out of necessity, I call it, and Dave plays a large part. He's the master of invention, so often he'll determine a need for something, and then find a way for either him or me to create it. I'm in charge of the fiber arts and he's in charge of carpentry. Many things around our house have been created this way, and while there are times when I lament how "home-made" everything looks, it's also fun to look at old projects and be proud of that creation.

Last week, Dave came home from work complaining that his glasses case doesn't fit in his pocket. It's one of those hard cases that keeps you from smooshing your glasses, but he doesn't like carrying it around. Problem? Solved.

Handy dandy little carrying case with drawstring close. He may smoosh them in his pocket, but at least they won't get dirty.

I also finished up a carrying case for our new camera this week, and I'm working to replace Dave's fingerless flip-top mitts that he loves so much. I have a few patterns that I'm working from, but none of them are in the same gauge, and they don't have the fingers so I have to add those in. And I switched the way the thumb is done. It's just more fun that way.

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