Friday, December 21, 2007

knitting and photos at 27 weeks

Here's the case for my favorite new camera.

It's knit from some very soft blue yarn that was a gift from my cousin last Christmas. I have no idea what it is, other than soft and blue. I like the case. It'll keep my little camera scratch free when I toss it in a drawer, or in my bag, or in one of the many other places I will throw this camera. I really wanted to take a photo of the camera in the case, but after some thought, I realized that would be impossible unless I were to dig out the old camera, which has been banished to a cabinet upstairs. I was late for work already, so I skipped it. The camera goes in, the case buttons. End of story.

Also, I have chosen the first baby blanket that I want to knit. It came from this book, and I think it's going to be great. I wanted to buy the Debbie Bliss yarn for the pattern, but you can't get it online.
I'm going down to Needlework Unlimited this afternoon to pick out something soft and possibly green. This is what the blanket will look like.

This is not, however, what the baby will look like. This baby is adorable, though, so adorable that you kind of want to kiss the pages of the pattern book. But maybe that's just me...

The blanket is basically just a simple square, knit in seed stitch (Dave's favorite stitch) and it has a hood attached to one corner. There's just something about that hood that sold me. There's another simple little blanket in this book that I think I'll work up after I finish this one.

And, for the sake of posterity, I must present a photo of myself. I'm 27 weeks pregnant, and
I'm totally not sticking my belly out, though it may look that way.

Last week at a training session for work, I heard from our trainer that another employee had walked by the room and reported that I looked "like I was about to pop." That surprised me, because A) I don't think I look that pregnant, and 2. sometimes I think I still don't look pregnant at all. The comment came from a man, one who is likely single and has no experience looking at pregnant bellies. But still. I do not look like I'm about to pop. I've got three more months of pregnancy, kids. Talk to me the second week of March.

Just for the record though - yes, I can still see my feet. Barely.

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