Monday, December 10, 2007


The new furnace has been installed, and things are looking up. My new camera should be here this week, at which point I will take a photo of the new furnace (because, why not?) and my 26 week pregnant belly. never disappoints, and this week informed me the munchkin is the length of an English hothouse cucumber. Right. I'm guessing that's bigger than a regular ol' cuke, but seriously, how would I know?

The best part of this weekend (aside from all of the bathrobes and sweat pants) was that Dave got to feel the baby move. We though he had felt it before, but this time it was a definite thump right beneath his hand. Since then, the baby has started kicking with a vengeance. I'm trying to be tuned into it because it's the only way the baby can really communicate with the outer world, and also because it's really neat. It's even cooler than I thought it would be. I wish there were more active times, and I'm hoping in the coming weeks there is a lot of kicking and movement. It's neat to be able to feel it on the outside of my tummy with my hand. People have said that eventually you can even see your belly move as the baby kicks, and that seems sorta trippy.

I always used to think that pregnancy looked okay and cute until the end of the second trimester, and after that it just looked scary. Now, coming around the corner on tri-3, I feel like I just started showing a month ago, so it's not scary yet. I guess I'm getting used to being pregnant though it is nice to be on the home stretch. Both Dave and I have been actively trying to be positive, and despite the furnace being out, the crunch of holiday gift buying, and the rest of the crap going on in our lives, the pregnancy has been a shining beacon of fun. We're still enjoying ourselves, despite everything the world has tried to throw down. For the first time in awhile, I feel prepared for the road ahead, and confident that things are going to work out fine. Maybe it's just the heat of the furnace fueling my own personal little fire, but Dave and I are doing really well, and I'm feeling really pleased. I still have very few physical complaints, and swimming and yoga abate the little aches and pains. My feet aren't swollen, my back doesn't hurt - really the only complaint I have right now is constant and persistent hunger. And if that's as bad as it's going to get, then bring it on.

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