Tuesday, December 11, 2007

all I wanted for Christmas

After spending 5 minutes trying to take a decent photo of my belly using the self timer on my (new!) camera, I've decided two things. 1 - I hate what I'm wearing today, and 2 - I really have no business putting photos of my belly on the internet. At least, not photos that I've taken myself. Yikes.

So here - a photo of the new camera! In black and white, so you can't see how blotchy my skin is.

I haven't had too much time to play with it, but I'm going to carry it everywhere until I get tired of it. Tonight, I'm going to knit a case for it, so I don't scratch the screen.

In other news, I really like yoga. I've been going to classes weekly, and while it's fun, I feel like I'm kind of an amateur. I'm a little self conscious and don't like to ask a bunch of questions. Yesterday I found this site which is nice because it tells me how to do things like get into poses and out of them a little more gracefully. I will be practicing my grace at home this week, in hopes of looking a little less like an idiot at my class.

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dave the gardener said...

we want belly pictures! we want belly pictures!