Monday, October 15, 2007

things I know

1. There is no logical reason to be freaked out that I haven't felt the baby move yet. It definitely does not indicate that the baby is dead. If that were the case, my body would have found a way to tell me by now. The baby is there, and moving, and I just can't feel it because I'm an insensitive mother.
2. Sleeping at night is only going to get harder, and I should toughen up now while I have the time.
3. Baggy clothes may be extraordinarily comfortable, but they're about as flattering now as they were when I was 15. If I want to look cute, I have to wear something that hugs my body more, even if that means my tummy. No. I don't look fat.
4. If I forget to bring tea with me to work, I can't get mad when I want tea. It is no one's fault but my own.
5. Doing what the midwives say is very smart. The round ligament pain I had been feeling daily has all but gone away. Those ladies are smart.
6. I must try to swim more often. Especially on the weekends.
7. The 18th week is going to be a good week. It's all about attitude.

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