Monday, October 22, 2007

baby = food

At the beginning of each week, I read's summary of this week in pregnancy. I realize that some of it is silly, and it may be inaccurate, but it's fun to read on a weekly basis.

The only real problem I have with it is that each week it gives me how long the baby is in inches, and then they equate that length to a vegetable. This week, the baby is as long as a small zucchini. Last week, it was sweet potato, and the week before - a large onion. Week 16 was funny - an avocado. I haven't looked forward to see how long this continues, but my hunch is that it will go on until every vegetable is used up. I can only imagine which week the baby will be the length of a butternut squash, or a cantaloupe. I guess the thing that is funny about it is none of these vegetables are shaped particularly like an unborn child, and for the most part they vary widely in size. I've seen zucchinis that were nearly 2 feet long, and I've seen some that were just over 6 inches. The premise is silly, and though I do anticipate which vegetable will be next, I find the whole thing sort of unsavory.

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