Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm 18 weeks pregnant and the baby is the size of a bell pepper. I'm also feeling under the weather and would like to curl up in bed with a book and some tea. Gus has other plans. Why is it that his plans almost never involve curling up under some blankets on a cold day?

In other news, Dave and I are doing our best to buy a local business. We've put in an offer and it looks like they've accepted it and the purchase agreement is in the draft stages. I can see it now - when the news people come to interview me after the aliens attack, under my name it will no longer say "local woman" but instead, "local business owner". Can't hardly believe it! Yay!


Gina said...

Yay! What kind of store will it be? Jax has been good about when I want to take a nap he'll crawl under the covers with me for a few minutes and then run rampant. :)

Steve said...

Is this the same local business that you guys were looking at before, but were out-bid for?