Saturday, August 25, 2007


We did the ultrasound yesterday, and came home with this very cool photo. I know that it looks a lot like a blob, but if you turn your head and squint, it sort of looks like a baby. The head is on the left, the baby is on its back, and its little arms are sticking up. During the ultrasound we got to see it move, and that was really trippy and neat. The heartbeat was cool too, and I can't stop taking the photo out and looking at it. Somehow having a photograph makes it so much more real.

Everything else checked out as well. I'm doing fine, and the baby is about one and a half inches long. The visit with the midwife was fairly short, and I'm happy to know I don't have to have another visit until 16 weeks. While it's nice to know that everything is good and sound, it's still crappy to go to the clinic and sit and wait for the provider to get their act together. We had an 8:20 and 9:00 appointment, one for the ultrasound, one for the midwife. We were done with the ultrasound at 8:26, and didn't get to see the midwife until almost 9:45. That's a long wait, even though I did bring my knitting. Dave didn't have anything to entertain him, though, so he had to read such interesting magazines as Golf Digest and Alaska! Not his top choice.

Today the sun is finally shining, so he's laboring in the garden. We're going to go down to Calhoun to walk the dog (we've already done Harriet and Nokomis this year, only a few lakes left before fall!) which should be nice. Irene is still learning to chase sticks into the lake, but it's fun when she catches on. She's not much of water dog, which has always been disappointing to me. I like to remind myself that she's only 3, so maybe one day when she's older she'll just all of a sudden take to the water. I can hope!

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