Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hey look! Pregnant!

Look! Pregnant!

We're still not telling everyone yet (well, I'm not telling everyone yet), so I though it would be fitting to tell the anonymous world of the internet.

I'm over 10 weeks, so it's about time to start making some phone calls, but as of yet, I'm still adjusting. Dave has already planned the nursery completely in his head, and I won't let him start moving furniture. I figure that's what the dead of winter is for, and we've just barely finished up the summer.

I'm looking forward to some cooler weather. Minnesota has been cruelly hot this year, and since we chose a house without central air, it's been a tough few weeks. The last 4 days have brought torrential rain, and I'm hoping that ends soon. I can't wait until the cool nights and frosty mornings of fall.

I refuse to take a "before" photo of my midsection, so instead I bring you Irene, looking adorable with one ear up, one ear down.

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