Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pupper of the week - forgotten pupper

I haven't forgotten about the pupper, she's just taken a backseat to all the new things happening. Baby nearly crawling, eating food. Me working a new job. Dave going back to work for another school year. Garden flourishing. Irene is always there, patiently waiting for her time to get some attention from us.

She's had some big changes in her life too. After reading this book, Dave decided to switch her food to Sojos. It's a little more complicated than a scoop of kibble in the morning - now we're mixing food and browning meat for her. So far, she loves it. I'm hoping it will help her be a healthier, happier dog. It's silly, but Dave and I care so much about what we eat (and what little Gus will eat), that we decided we could no longer feed our animals ground up byproducts. In fact all of the ingredients in Sojos are things we would eat ourselves (except the meat, of course). So she's a lucky pupper, who gets fresh cooked ground turkey, beef, and sometimes tuna. I guess she's not forgotten after all.

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