Saturday, August 2, 2008

not much to say

I apologize for the utter lack of posts. I've still been updating my ravelry page (plumsinbloom is my handle) and working and playing outside. No time for blobbing!

I feel like the little guy has turned another corner in babyhood, leaving that quiet, mild mannered newborn behind. Now every time I turn my back, he's got a handful of grass in his mouth or he's fussing because he bonked his head rolling over too fast. He's an active little monkey, and it sure seems like crawling and sitting up are right around the corner. For most of his 3rd and 4th months he drooled like crazy and we were sure he was teething. Now the drooling has let up a little, and no teeth yet. He's still sleeping like an angel, but a little less than before. He goes to bed around 9 these days and has been getting up at 5. I know that still constitutes sleeping through the night, but we don't get as much of a break in the evening as we had grown used to.

We left him alone in the evening for the first time last week and went to dinner and a movie. Kind of a conventional date and not what we might usually do on "date night," but it was fun nonetheless. I don't know when we'll do it again, honestly I missed him a little bit while we were eating dinner. I know he squeals and makes it hard to have a conversation, and he wants to be put down then picked up then put down, but this was really the first time we've been away from him when one of us wasn't at work and it honestly felt a little weird. While he's still this little it's easy to take him with us to restaurants. Our 4th wedding anniversary is this week, and I'm hoping we go over to Gandhi Mahal to celebrate. The food was fantastic the first time we tried it, and we're dying to go back.

I promise to try to be better about posting. But no guarantees.

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