Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what I've been doing

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. I think Dave is really my only regular reader, so he knows that we've been busy. For the 1 or 2 of the rest of you, I want you to know I have not been sitting on my butt, twiddling my thumbs. I've been

finishing up that BSJ
waiting (WAITing....WAITING) for Catherine to go ahead and have that little girl already!
preparing for our trip to the east coast this weekend
posting here
wrangling my little boy, who after nearly 6 weeks of sleeping through the night has thrown all schedules out the window.

I'm not sure if this is a growth spurt or teething, but the nights of going to bed at 8 and waking up at 6 are gone. He naps late in the day, stays up until midnight, and wakes up bright and early, sometimes before the sun. I'm sort of hoping 5 days in Virginia will shock him back into a sleep schedule, though I think it's more likely that it will screw him up even more. Bah, who needs sleep? I've got coffee!


Steve said...

I read. I read but I don't understand; what the heck is a 'baby surprise jacket'? The 'baby' and 'jacket' parts seem pretty straightforward; I think it's the surprise part that' confusing me. Maybe that's part of the surprise.

Gina said...

There are still a few hiccups in Jax's sleep schedule too. Only recently he's begun to skip some afternoon naps or sit in his crib and play for the original 2 hours of nap and then nap for an hour.

Catherine said...

You can take me off your to-do list now! Amelia was born five minutes before your post this morning. We're now re-joining the ranks of the sleepless parents, potentially starting tonight. Good luck with August on your trip!