Monday, May 19, 2008

this month

This month I learned that sleep deprivation is cumulative, and it will catch up with you.
I learned that I will be grateful for 5 hours of sleep when I get it, even though I never would have though of 5 hours as a "good night's sleep".
That hormones are weird.
That the desire to protect the baby bear is totally instinctual, and there are times when my mama bear instinct surprises even me.
That the happy gurgly sound he makes in the morning is the sweetest sound on earth.
That I don't miss work, not even a little bit.
That friends and family can surprise you even after you've known them your whole life.
That it doesn't really bother me when the dog licks the baby, so long as it isn't his face.
That even though he can't roll, he can squirm until he moves himself.

Life with baby Gus continues to amaze and humble me. This month his personality really began to show, and I can't wait until his baby googles have a little more meaning, and our conversations aren't so one sided. We make a point to spend at least an hour reading to him each day, and he's begun to really enjoy story time. I have to begin pumping soon, so in the next week he'll get to learn how to eat from a bottle. I'm very much looking forward to that, since it will give Dave the opportunity to take over even more of the baby care. Gus goes everywhere with us, usually in the sling. He can nearly hold his head up, so having him tummy to tummy in the sling works much better now. Today is Dave's first day back at work, and I miss him terribly. It has been so great having him here for the first two months with August . Now I feel like I have to start living life again, leaving the house regularly on my own. I'll get the hang of it soon, I'm sure. But this new phase will take some getting used to. For starters, I'm getting pretty good at typing with one hand. I have knitting projects to show off soon, thank-you gifts for my midwives.

Time goes so fast, I can't believe it's been two months already. Look at this little bug:

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