Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Gus had his first trip to Al's Breakfast today. There were many folks there excited to meet him. At one point, after I had finished eating I had him laying in front of me on the counter. He scrunched up his face and put his hands over his eyes, as if he was suddenly having a bad dream. I can see how lying on the counter at Al's would seem like a nightmare. Thankfully we visited Al's often while I was pregnant, so i don't think the assault of sounds bothered him too much.

Things are looking up today. I'm planning to take Gus to an API knitting group this morning, and we're going to try out the new sling I picked up yesterday at Peapods. It's another Kangaroo Korner adjustable pouch, meaning we now own 3 of these fabulous slings. The one I got yesterday is a cotton pouch, and we also have a nylon and a fleece one. Looks like we're covered for all seasons. I think the nylon one will get the most use, especially by Dave - he wore Gus for a few hours yesterday as he dug in the garden. I think it's awesome that he can work in the garden and talk to and hold the baby at the same time. Plus Gus gets to be warm and outside, and that's pretty cool too.

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